Krueger's Christmas Tree Farm - 2022 Cut-Your-Own Reservations

Cut-Your-Own Reservations

This link is for reservations to CUT-YOUR-OWN tree from our fields. Times are available through Friday, December 9th. Starting December 10th reservations will be based on how many trees we still have available.

If you are planning to cut multiple trees or coming with multiple families please make a reservation for each tree and family.

If you can’t find a time on your preferred day, one option is to cut the tree earlier and store it in a cool, shady spot at your house until you’re ready to set it up. The tree will be just as fresh (trees are different than a fresh-cut flower). It’s best to make another fresh cut before setting it up. And if you don’t have a saw, just put the trunk of the tree in a bucket of water (or your stand) and then pour out the water before you bring it into your house.

Please check our website homepage regularly for remaining tree availability as some species and sizes may be limited. The site will be updated daily. A reservation does not guarantee a particular specie or height.* You will also get an email before your reservation time reminding you to check the updated tree availability before arriving at the farm (website homepage link is at the bottom of this page).

If you want a pre-cut tree from our lot please go back and use the Pre-Cut Reservation link on our homepage.

Thank you!


*Reserving a time slot is not an offer for sale and no contract for sale exists prior to arrival at the farm. Krueger’s Christmas Tree Farm reserves the right to change, amend, or remove time slots as required. All reservations are subject to availability of trees at the farm.

Duration: 30 minutes

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